Emily Rivera is a mother, published author, certified Angel Healing Practitioner, national speaker, coach, and intuitive energy worker that has guided thousands of individuals on their personal journeys. As entrepreneurs, we were inspired by one of Emily’s recent Facebook posts and wanted to share nine of Emily’s recent thoughts about positivity and energy.

Emily’s Words

1. BE PRESENT & ENGAGED | Life is about living and enjoying your moments. As you do this and be in this – life becomes more magical. When you choose to present and be engaged, you come to witness the light that is part of every moment that crosses your path.

2. EMOTIONS | Life is a gift! Even in the lows, all the emotions you wish you didn’t have have their purpose. They aren’t there to make life miserable, they are there to remind you that you are still alive. Use your emotions as a way to gauge the choices you’ve been making, where you are in your mindset, and how you are caring for yourself. Let them help you decide whether or not you have to choose to live differently or continue on the path you are on.

3. BE A HERO WITH A PURPOSE | You are the only captain of your ship and the only author of your own story. Noone can take your power away, unless you choose to engage and get caught up in the story they are trying to impose upon you. You do not need their permission to be happy. Move past this, not by engaging in their drama, but just by walking away. Decide you are not a victim of your past, but a hero with a purpose, working on a life that reflects who you are and what you want to be.

And if you need permission… I give you permission to live, to enjoy life, and to see the best in yourself and in others. I give you permission to thrive, laugh, and play. I give you permission to have faith, invite, create, and celebrate. I give you permission to love and be loved! I give you permission to choose.

4. DON’T FALL VICTIM TO OPINION | Everyone has an opinion: do this, do that, that’s right, and that’s wrong.  Opinions aren’t facts, Don’t take them on as your own or let them instigate doubt and fear about your abilities or potentials. Opinions are always changing they like the weather and fashion.

5. DIVINE MAGIC IS REAL | This is the place from where your soul sees all of your moments. Divine magic is a place! It’s a circle you can choose to step into daily. A place where you can create, invite, receive, and welcome the highest and best of potentials (discover more of this with my 11 Days of Divine Magic!)

6. BE LOVED | You are loved! There is a source, light, truth within you that remembers this. Take time to encourage your mind and to remember. You are being supported, guided, and inspired. External circumstances are not the answers to love – the love is inside you and god/source/creator/universe is reminding you of this daily. Notice the angel winks and synchronicities that are leading the way.

7. YOU ARE UNIQUE | You are unique and needed in this world. That is why you are here! Noone can do or be you. Divine/source chose you as a focal point in this time and space, to express itself through. You are special and significant!

8. BE AUTHENTIC | Be authentic. It attracts the right people that will love you as you.

9. YOUR DIVINE ABILITIES ARE EPIC | Your abilities to love, forgive, inspire, and heal are as expansive and as infinite as the universe! Your abilities are set to live life in a way that will have you tap into this power and gift. They’re epic!!!! They’re also a part of what your soul is intended to do while here in this body. Enjoy it.


Emily Rivera

Thank you Emily for your kind words of encouragement! I have witnessed Emily’s divine magic and her ability to heal in the middle of a restaurant at a mastermind we attended together. Emily helped me with the healing of some of my fears, self doubt, and replaced so many negative emotions in the series of several minutes. As my negative energy was incinerated and gave space for positive and powerful energies to flow back in, I knew that Emily has a true gift for helping others to find their divine magic. We are thrilled to have Emily Rivera as a speaker at our next Joie Retreat. We hope that you can join us there too and meet Emily in person!

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February 3, 2018
the joie retreat link didnt work :(
    February 19, 2018
    Hi Nicolle, this link was for our November 2017 Retreat which has passed. Our next one is not until Fall 2018 at earliest!