A signature coaching experience for
creative entrepreneurs craving rich & joyful living.

Proven Techniques & Strategy

After receiving powerful results and creating repeatable systems with our stellar private coaching clients, we're thrilled to share that we have limited availability for new coaching clients.

Coaching with Erica Powell is right for you if...
You own or are a decision maker for any type of business that relies on creativity, branding, and marketing to be successful.
You'd like ongoing clarity about your branding, online presence, offers, pricing, business management processes, and sales strategies to keep your business moving in the right direction.
You're ready to take your business to the next level, like yesterday.
You want to build confidence in your online presence in order to feel confident about your pricing.
You'd like to create pricing structures that are profitable and you want to know how to justify them.
You want your potential clients to stop bargaining and just know that you're worth what you're charging.
You're a leader in your market or would like to become a leader now.
You're tired of wondering what's going to work and what isn't  in marketing.
You'd like to be surrounded by motivated friends who are growing their businesses and may have valuable experience or advice to share.
You're ready to refine the type of clients you're working with and work with more of the clients you love most.
You're ready to feel more focused and fearless about where you're going next with your business.
You'd like ongoing support  as you create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.
Our coaching experience is focused on results & support
Our program will help you keep your action plan and activities strategic, your mindset focused on results, and will surround you with the support you need to grow your business with more clarity than ever.

Are you ready to set yourself up for continued success?
Working with Erica for coaching is the winning combination of leveraging her knowledge and expertise to bring you to your next level of success from wherever you are right now. Topics covered through coaching can include but are not limited to:

Reflection & Self-Awareness | Eliminating Limiting Beliefs & Dream Blockers | Aligning With Your Big Picture Vision | Dream Lifestyle Discovery & Creation | Branding | Client Attraction | Core Values Creation | Copywriting & Copy Editing | C​​​​​ore Offer Design & Pricing | Market Positioning |
 Website & Sales Page Design & Direction | Business Management | Team Building, Recruitment, & Training | Software Selection, Implementation, & Automation | Sales Process Design & Optimization | Sales Call & Email Scripting | Sales Material Consultation & Direction | Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, and Traffic Driver Selection & Strategy

What are the perks?
Coaching & ongoing support from Erica Powell 
Spotlight Expert access from a leadership team curated by Erica Powell
Exclusive community with accountability & progress checkpoints
Exclusive Retreats with focused workshops
Monthly Business Building Projects designed to enhance profitability and joyful living
Business Accelerator one-on-one sessions with Erica Powell available exclusively to Lifestyle Architects

When was the last time you invested in a solution and it actually changed your business radically?
Coaching and support like this is literally priceless.


Erica Powell is the right fit for you

Hey there, friend.

I'm Erica Powell, Lifestyle Architect and strategic business coach for creative entrepreneurs craving rich & joyful living.

With my background in graphic design, high ticket sales, business management, process automation, and team building, we work together to design your business on every level to create the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

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To hear what our amazing clients think of working with us!
Erica has been a game changer for our business. Her experience has helped us change so many aspects of our business. Here is a quick list of the areas she has helped us with: social media strategy (our social Media has been a game changer for us as we never had a great online presence), content management system to streamline customer inquiries (we were losing track of so many client inquiries because we didn’t have the right system in place), email automation that has clear expectations of what our proposal process is,  asking the right questions to filter clients for us, setting up an automated calendar for people to book telephone appointments online, inquiry to proposal and sales process map, and business strategy with objectives.
Josie Griffin
The Event Light Pros

The single best thing I have done for my business to date: met Erica Elizabeth Powell. She has helped me transform my business, and has given me tools to up-level my business and services. The process of working with Erica Powell & Co. is proving to be one of the best decisions we have made for our business. I heard Erica Powell speak about branding and online presence at a conference. The presentation was excellent. When I got home we scheduled a call and chatted about my needs and she completely understood what I was looking for, and gave her invaluable advice as to what she thought my business needed. Erica, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for my business.  We have already seen a dramatic difference with client inquires, I am truly struggling to keep up with them. Our business is blossoming in ways I had only dreamed of, and with your help and guidance my dreams are now my reality. I look forward to working with you as our business blossoms.
Robin & Mark Smith
Deliciously Different

Erica has coached me, first as part of a small group online and, at my request exclusively, private coaching for a 12 month period. Together, we have looked at my business globally and are the process of further developing my branding, marketing and sales strategies for both the short and long term: with actionable measures for success. I highly recommend Erica as a mentor/coach. In addition, my website was completed by Erica and her team to help me attract and drive business. As business owners, we all can use a team of advisors or at the very least a business coach to challenge us and keep us focused and accountable to our goals. I truly believe the investment in Erica as my coach is a gift to my business and to myself that will keep on giving!
Chris Weinberg
Chris Weinberg Events
Erica’s enthusiasm is infectious, her knowledge invaluable and her loyalty never ending. Since we’ve revamped our online presence, we’ve been able to attract a new level of clientele.  Although our previous site was still driving us traffic, we got more of the price shoppers and very budgeted clients. Our website was 6 years old and no longer represented who have grown into. It’s nice to refer people online now with confidence instead of the disclaimer that we are in need of a revamp. We have seen an increase of approximately $10,000.00 per event contract for this year. We are now in a position to take on fewer events, with greater reward.

Stephanie LeFrancois
Forks & Fingers Catering

Erica's wealth of knowledge has been an invaluable asset to my company. With her many years of experience in both starting and running creative businesses, she knows what it takes to be successful. She speaks with a boldness that allows other business owners to see areas that they can improve, in both their personal lives and their business. Her dedication to helping others succeed in the relationships she's fostered over the years. She is always giving of her time to educate and help others grow.
Stephanie Bradley Meiser
Along Came Stephanie

Erica has been instrumental in helping me grow my business. Erica is outgoing and very hands on when you have questions and need an expert's advice. Within one phone call, she helped identify areas of my online presence that I needed to change and by doing so helped me book 5 new clients within two weeks! I truly appreciate all her knowledge and encouragement that she provides in coaching me. When you are a single business owner it is so helpful to be able to have someone you can trust to confide in and ask questions with honest responses. Thank you Erica for all that you do for me!! She is worth every penny!
Lisa DiBenedetto
Nightingale Events

Is coaching for me? What kind of business owners are a fit? 
Coaching with Erica Powell is a fit for the business owner that relies on creativity, branding, and marketing to be successful, including but not limited to: real estate agents & brokers, interior designers, graphic & web designers, event planners & designers, photographers, cinematographers, stationery designers, makeup artists and hair stylists, fashion designers & boutiques, floral designers, jewelry designers & shops, musicians & bands, entertainment companies, tent & rental companies, fitness & health experts, publishers & media experts, and other creative entrepreneurs. 
What are some common traits that you typically see in entrepreneurs who succeed in coaching with Erica?
Business owners with control over their own branding process, online presence, sales techniques, and business management processes and who are ready to make changes to create maximum impact with their businesses gain the most impact. Clients who are ready to actively participate, ask questions, gather information, and take steps to implement changes are the best suited for coaching with Erica.
Do you offer private or group coaching?
At Erica Powell & Co. we offer private coaching for a limited number of clients per year, and a hybrid coaching model called Lifestyle Architects which combines a collaborative coaching experience (group coaching) that offers tiered pricing based on four investment levels that we have found are comfortable for most of our coaching clients. When you inquire about coaching, you'll receive a complimentary consultation with Erica Powell and she will share which coaching options may be a fit for you based on your desired investment level. 

Do you offer any other services?
Erica's team at Erica Powell & Co. offers branding, website design, copywriting, sales page design, sales funnel design, graphic design, technology and systems coaching, and branded product production as needed and contracted individually for our clients. Erica frequently releases additional online classes and live events, and as a member of her community you'll be the first to know of our launches.
Would you like to find out if coaching with Erica the right fit for you?

Disclaimer ​​​​​​| This program is magic for sure, but it is not a magical pill. It's made for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next steps to build a successful lifestyle business, and you must be ready to take action. If you join us, be ready to roll up your sleeves because, together, we are going to make your business work better for you. And that takes some thought, time, and a little bit of elbow grease. BUT the results are so worth it you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!