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When was the last time you had a moment to watch the sunset, dig your toes into the sand, and let your hair blow in the breeze? When you woke up feeling refreshed in the morning and had time to work on your fitness game before you started work for the day? When you were proud of your branding, website, and marketing materials and knew for a fact your dream client would totally fall in love with your online presence? When you weren’t afraid of where your next client was coming from and you were confident about closing your dream clients consistently?

These things are what we live for and we want you to have them too! We offer strategic business coaching, branding and website design, and workshop-style retreats for high-ticket service entrepreneurs craving profitability and freedom.

Design your own journey with us, redefine your brand to captivate your dream clients, raise your prices, and streamline your business processes so that you can live your own rich and joyful life.

founder, Visionary & Lifestyle Architect


Whether through logo design, a fresh website, or another custom piece, my favorite part of working with the Erica Powell & Co. team is making our clients look good. I love being inspired by each business owner’s personality, allowing them to shine through in their visual identity & design. Behind the scenes, I'm usually de-stressing with yoga sessions, hanging out with my husband, Jason, and my son, Gus, and traveling to sunny places. I think we should plan our next Joie Retreat in Greece, where do you think we should go?

As the Community & Project Manager for our coaching, branding, & web design clients, I keep our projects running smoothly from start to finish. I am inspired to see the heart that entrepreneurs put into their own businesses. Helping them realize and reach their maximum potential is very rewarding. Behind the scenes, I'm a mom of 3 boys, Ian, Keesen, and Max, and wife to my husband, Christian. I love dance and fitness (fun fact: I'm a former NFL cheerleader), and also have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. For our Joie Retreats, I love going anywhere warm and relaxing with breathtaking views.

Business Development & Marketing Coach

Leadership & Operations Management Coach

I love the diversity my job offers. We work with a wide range of talented entrepreneurs which allows us to be creative and have fun with our work. What I love most about our clients is their drive and mindset. Everyone is working towards their own personal best which inspires me to do the same. When I am not working you can find me spending time with my husband Jose and family (usually outdoors!) I am a homebody but will never turn down the opportunity of going on a new adventure. I enjoy being active, visiting tasty restaurants, and traveling to new places. I think we should go to Santorini or Mykonos, Greece, for our next Joie Retreat!

As a Commander in the United States Navy and civilian Operations Manager managing a team of 270+, I spend most of my time focused on no fail missions. Whether in the field with the Navy, or on the production floor with my civilian position, there is little room for error in operations, managing millions with detailed financials and calculations, or team performance. As our clients at Erica Powell & Co. have continued to grow their companies, I am thrilled to add my expertise as a coach and strategist for team leadership, operations, performance, financial management, lifestyle, fitness, and wellness.

Business coordinator


As a Business Coordinator, I love the behind-the-scenes work that takes place at Erica Powell & Co. I am able to see the unique approach our company takes towards creating processes and finding solutions, both in our workplace and with our clients.

As a Client Concierge, I speak to entrepreneurs about their goals and how we can support them with our programs and services. When I'm not working, I can be found traveling, trying new restaurants, and enjoying life with my husband and our beloved Siberian cat, Moe.


I love working on our courses to make sure they are well curated for our members as well as building new member profiles. It’s very inspiring to see the level of commitment and perseverance our members have as they achieve their goals.


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