I seriously can’t even begin to explain how much my business has changed and grown from truly diving head first and following every little thing you teach us! It WORKS!!! From branding to planning core offers, creating a sales process, using systems and tech, new client funnel, valuing my services…I am seeing insane results and selling my packages left and right because I am fully confident in my systems and my clients can see that!! If this all has happened for me in just 3 months, imagine a year from now?! I CAN’T EVEN!!!! Thank you Erica for the consistent push to grow and scale our businesses!

Julie Occhino

julie occhino luxury beauty


After 18 months working together, my revenue has tripled over the previous year. My pricing has greatly increased (3-4x what it used to be). Clients are all “dream clients.” Together, we have looked at my business globally to further develop my branding, marketing and sales strategies for both the short and long term: with actionable measures for success. I highly recommend Erica as a mentor/coach. In addition, my website was completed by Erica and her team to help me attract and drive business. As business owners, we all can use a team of advisors or at the very least a business coach to challenge us and keep us focused and accountable to our goals. I truly believe the investment in Erica as my coach is a gift to my business and to myself that will keep on giving!

Chris Weinberg



SO FREAKING EXCITED to share this! After training with Erica, we had a total revenue in bookings of $30,500 this week. Thank you Erica Powell…it was a dry spell this winter we really needed this!

Alliey Kline

Alliey & Co. | THe Ledgecrest Reserve


Erica has been a game changer for our business. Her experience has helped us change so many aspects of our business. Here is a list of the areas she has helped us with: social media strategy (our social media has been a game changer for us as we never had a great online presence), client management system to streamline customer inquiries (we were losing track of so many client inquiries because we didn’t have the right system in place), email automation that has clear expectations of what our proposal process is, asking the right questions to filter clients for us, setting up an automated calendar for people to book telephone appointments online, inquiry to proposal and sales process map, business strategy with objectives, and custom branding and website design.

Josie + John Griffin

griffin & griffin lighting


Since connecting & working with Erica I have found a renewed energy that has allowed me to run my business well & focus on areas that need change. Since one of our sales trainings, I have been able to book my clients with paid in full contracts. Aside from learning concrete business skills, it has been incredibly motivating simply being near other creatives who genuinely want to help and who have been through the exact same struggles. If you want the resources to improve every area of your business I would highly recommend Erica Powell!

Kenneth Hopkins


The single best thing I have done for my business to date: met Erica Elizabeth Powell. She has helped us transform our business, and has given us tools to up-level our business and services. The process of working with Erica Powell & Co. is proving to be one of the best decisions we have made for our business. I heard Erica Powell speak about branding and online presence at a conference. The presentation was excellent. I scheduled a call and chatted about my needs and she completely understood what I was looking for, and gave her invaluable advice as to what she thought my business needed. Erica, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our business. We have already seen a dramatic difference with client inquires, I am truly struggling to keep up with them. Our business is blossoming in ways I had only dreamed of, and with your help and guidance my dreams are now my reality. I look forward to working with you as our business blossoms.

Robin + Mark Smith



I have been able to 3x my prices, 3x my income, increased my inquiries by 5x, and in the first 6 months of the year, I made more than all of last year. I love being a part of a community that is inspiring, supportive, and challenging. Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely at times but this community feels like a family.

Stephanie Sikora

sikora solutions


I have had my largest contracts to date this year, closed 5 paid in full contracts, and numerous other new sales at the price I want to charge. I have had friends ask me ‘is it worth it?’ I honestly tell them that this is the single best investment I made for my business! It has elevated my sales and made my booking process so much easier. I can’t say enough!

Terri Larson

the promise gardens


Where do I begin? I love being around like-minded entrepreneurs that are looking to grow, learn, and be awesome together. Thanks to Erica’s knowledge my website and brand have been transformed, I have put together some amazing strategies, and now my inquiries book with me at FULL PRICE (3-4x what it was last year)!!! Life is WAY too short to not get paid what I'm worth.

Danielle Turano

divina artisti


Just a few months of working with Erica has given me the clarity and focus I was needing in order to think big picture. I’ve been able to re-channel my energy to make decisions that have made a positive impact on my company’s resource allocation and bottom line. I can’t wait to see the long term results!

Johanna Dilone

gilded group decor | bambini soirée

actionable programs

I chose to join because although I did worked with other mentors in the past, I felt stuck. I needed a step by step actionable program to take me from where I was, to where I was trying to go. I didn’t want to piece together everything myself; I needed a proven system wrapped up in a bow!

Shenika Davis

davis signature events

mindset shift

Before I met Erica my life was hectic, busy, and blurry. With mindset shifts and a different lingo I have been able to close my ideal clients more easily and more effectively. Investing in Erica is life changing. Not only do you get advice that is proven to bring your business to the next level, you gain a community of brilliant entrepreneurs who are working towards the same goal.

Laila Plant

one inspired party

invaluable information

The knowledge and information she provided helped me make some major changes in my business. Erica will allow you to get to know her as an expert and it will give you some invaluable information. It’s worth every penny!

Manolo Doreste

manolo doreste photographer

life changing

Erica knows what she’s doing and it’s legit.

She’s awesome, she’s amazing, shell change your life!

Jenny + Jai Holla


ecstatic with the results

Erica Powell & Co. were amazing! They learned about our brand in deep detail. They asked pertinent questions to understand who are we and what is our mission with our business. We had conversations in order for each member to express what they thought about the direction of the path which we were undertaking, too. The finished product blew us away with the creativity and timelessness. Erica Powell & Co. has methods in place which are thought-provoking and each step built upon the last, so the entire process was seamless and easy. We are ecstatic with the results and highly recommend Erica Powell & Co. to anyone who needs their services!

José Graterol + Steve Levine

JOsÉ Graterol Designs