The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur is the only business building community and referral network for high-end service business owners committed to unlocking new levels of freedom and profitability.

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What's included in

The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur?



Coach Office Hours

Personal Progress Reviews

With our Personal Progress Reviews, you can share your wins, challenges, progress, and questions with our Success Coaches. Personal Progress Reviews are the perfect way to keep you focused and moving forward each and every month and adds a personalized coaching element to our program.

Success Prompts



Members-Only Community

If you're craving a dedicated space to share your thoughts, wins, challenges, collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs, and stay focused and inspired, our members-only community is it! Every entrepreneur deserves a tribe of friends who "get it" and support you like family.

Social Engagement Pod

Wish you had more likes and comments on your social posts to help the algorithms work in your favor? Wish granted! With our Social Engagement Pod, you share your posts for members to like and comment on and return the favor. It's always a good idea to have a pod in your corner!

Your Member Profile

Collaborating with and finding creative partners has become easier than ever with our community directory, The Collaborative Network. Our team will build a gorgeous custom profile featuring photos of your work, company description, contact info, and links to your social platforms.


To build your extraordinary business, you'll want

an extraordinary blueprint.

We designed The Blueprint to boost your profit, attract more of the clients you love working with most, and scale your high end service business faster than ever before. Truly one-of-a-kind, The Blueprint has helped our members to attract and close services contracts up to $200,000 per client, to find more freedom in their schedules, and to build businesses they love. Beloved and celebrated by our members, watch The Blueprint as you wish, at your own pace, and as often as you like.




As a member of our tribe, you'll also receive backstage passes to our monthly live Masterclass Workshops.




Alison Wright

Jill Gordon

Rich Genoval

Virtual CFO & Bookkeeper

Luxury Event Planner


"This community is literally changing my business right before my eyes in a matter of a couple of months. Even after a couple of weeks I saw it happening! Trust the process, The Blueprint works. I can vouch for it myself. "

"Before I joined, I'd fallen out of love with my business. We just closed $200k+ worth of business this week. OMG. It’s all happening! I’m feeling so much more confident in our services, pricing, and sales process. Thank you!"

"I love my new pricing, core offers, website, and branding. I love the group and support you provide. Thanks for helping me change my mindset about what I offer and my services are worth. So thankful that I found you all."

Kimyatta Anderson

Danielle Turano

Terri Larson


Professional Musician


"I’ve had my largest contracts after The Blueprint. I’ve closed 5 paid in full contracts and numerous new sales at the new price I want to charge, which is much higher than my old pricing. Consistently booking dream clients!"

"After The Blueprint, 90% of my inquiries book at FULL PRICE!!! My pricing is 2-4x what it was. Life is WAY too short to not get paid what I'm worth. Now, I spend one day each week on the boat, have a trainer, and am more fit than ever!"

"I love the attentiveness of everyone to assist when help is needed, the coaching team does an amazing job with feedback and suggestions. Joining was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time!"

Is this coaching community

The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur is designed to support high-end entrepreneurs within the following three industries:

Business Services

Accountants, Bookkeepers, & Financial Pros

Branding & Website Designers

Career Services

Coaches & Consultants

Conferences & Retreats


Funnel Designers & Marketers


Social Media & PR Pros

Virtual Assistants

& More

Event Services

Bakeries & Desserts

Calligraphers & Stationery

Caterers & Venues


Event Planners & Designers

Floral Designers

Lighting, Music, & Production



Tent & Rentals

Traveling Beauty Pros

& More

Lifestyle & Home Services

Health & Wellness

Home Organization & Systems

Home Services

Interior Designers

Lifestyle Coaches

Luxury Gifting

Real Estate


Spas & Salons

Travel Planning

& More

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If you provide a high-value service or experience and you want to charge industry-leading prices, The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur is designed to help you work smarter rather than harder in your business while you build your revenue, profit, and income.

includes everything you need to build the business & lifestyle of your dreams…

• A step-by-step Blueprint to scale your business, your profit, & your freedom

• High-level, concise, and impactful monthly Masterclasses

• Ongoing support and industry-leading mentorship


Plus, you'll become a member of a powerful community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are dedicated to working smarter rather than harder so you can network and collaborate.


Your rich & joyful lifestyle has just been unlocked...

Trust us, as busy service business owners ourselves, we get it! Owning a successful service business can make it hard to enjoy your life on the journey to success. It can be easy to prioritize serving your clients client, neglect expanding your own business, and fall victim to the endless hustle. We've carefully crafted The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur to support you with both your business and your lifestyle goals.








Our community gives you inspiration, industry-leading workshops, and a high-level community designed to help you live your best life every day, starting today! And that, if we do say so ourselves, is PRICELESS, don't you think?

A note from our founder, Erica Powell

After years of trial and error growing our own service business and doing “all the things,” I've learned first-hand about the challenges of growing a service business. After 15 years of owning luxury service businesses, and 7 years of coaching hundreds of service business owners, I’m happy to tell you I’ve cracked the code to exponentially expand a high-end service business, while living a life you love.

With the right strategies, mentorship, team, and priorities we've been able to take our own coaching, branding, and marketing business from multiple six figures in sales per year to a quarter of a million dollars per month in sales (and we're still scaling). More importantly than the numbers though, I've been building more freedom, space, and time into my schedule to take care of myself, my family, prioritize my health and wellness goals, and spend time with the people I love most along the way.

As a business coaching, branding design, and marketing company, my team and I have worked tirelessly with our clients to design powerful industry-leading and globally-recognized brands and infuse more profitability and freedom into their lives, as well. Over time, we've been able to pinpoint the exact steps that our clients (and we) have taken to reach our financial and lifestyle goals.

Together, the team at Erica Powell & Co. and our Spotlight Speakers have created a community for high-end service entrepreneurs that cultivates a focus on consistent progress, curated cutting-edge Masterclass Workshops, and world-class support so you can exponentially scale your success without working yourself into the ground. We created The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur to provide exceptional support for exceptional entrepreneurs...

Because you deserve nothing but the best.



Unlike other groups where members stay because they're stuck and are waiting for their next breakthrough, our members continually evolve with us as they gain industry-leading support, a tribe who gets it, and this leads to real results.



Alton Mitchell the III


Justine Jordan


Robin & Mark Smith

Catering & Custom cakes

Shenika Davis


Chris Weinberg

Luxury Event Planner

Julie Occhino


Kenny Hopkins