As a business coach I have noticed some trends… Most entrepreneurs have started their business for one of the following reasons:

1. Time: leading your own schedule.

2. Money: to make more money than you could working for someone else.

4. Freedom: to live and work on your own terms.

5. Passion: because you love what you do.


6. Family: to support your family or household emotionally & financially.

Maybe you started your business for one of these reasons? Yes? Maybe a few of these? Which ones?

For me it was all of the above.  And building my business from brand new to 5k per month in revenue, then to 10k, 30k, and having my highest month in sales/revenue yet at 140k… you could say I’ve learned a lot about reaching my “why” along the way to success… 

Here’s the sad part… 

Almost every entrepreneur I have ever spoken to is currently NOT living the life they wanted to, and does NOT have the time, money, or freedom they were seeking when they started their business. 

And almost all entrepreneurs I have ever met (even if they are incredibly financially successful will million dollar/year + businesses) are burned out, working way too hard, a bit frustrated with their business, feeling a little bit lost on how to get to their dreams and goals, and losing their passion for their craft and their business a little more each day.

Save for the top few percent, MOST entrepreneurs are not making enough income to reach their personal financial goals, and if they are, they’re very often burned out and not living the lifestyle they dreamed of in the first place.


And the worst part is (oh yes, there’s more! Hang tight though, I’ll tell you the silver lining in a second):

Most entrepreneurs are kind of in a little denial bubble, just thinking that SUCCESS is JUST around the corner and if they hustle HARD enough, they’ll reach the place they’ve been hoping to reach. 

In the interim, as most entrepreneurs are chasing the concept of success they are:

• Putting their personal lives and health on the back burner

• Missing key moments with friends and family to chase the dream

• Pouring their “all” into their business just to receive less than what they were hoping to…

BUT (here’s the silver lining is here, woohoo!):

Over the last 4 years I have literally cracked the code to re-defining success.

I have taken the societal norms of what one “has to do” to become successful and legit flipped them upside down (and fast).

And I’ve developed PROVEN frameworks that help our clients to massively scale their businesses with proven frameworks and working strategically rather than hustling ALL while being able to live the lives they wanted to all along… More freedom, more time, more profitability, the list goes on!

In the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing a new email & blog series called Business Success Myths. I’m going to share some mindset shifts, stories, and common myths that most entrepreneurs have been subscribing to that CAN be keeping even the most talented and skilled entrepreneurs from success.

And my promise to you is that this series will:

• Open your mind

• Change some thought patterns that will re-wire your mindset surrounding success


• Redefine what success means and how to attain it

Without further ado, let’s start with: 

MYTH #1 

Your SUCCESS Has A Limit! 

As entrepreneurs we all encounter mindset dream blockers, usually passed onto us from non-entrepreneur friends and family (they don’t mean any harm, they just don’t “get what it takes” sometimes… amiright?)!

For example, here are two common mindset dream-blockers:

1.     Owning your own business is harder than getting a reliable J.O.B. You can make more money working for someone else. (How many times have you heard this from friends and family?)

2.     If you own your own business, it’s a PASSION. You should be lucky that you have a job that you’re passionate about and asking for that gig to also be PROFITABLE is asking too much. (Sound familiar?)

Are you ready to smash this Myth? And what would happen if you did smash it? I’ll tell you exactly what…

Over the past few years, we’ve watched our clients go from looking at the impossible task of making a 1-10k/mo business profitable to building 10k, 20k, 50k, 80k, and even 100k+ months for their businesses, working strategically, AND while designing the lifestyle they were looking for when they started their businesses.

Like when Julie started a brand-new second business from scratch and made an instant success of it within a few months (more on Julie later this week!)

Or when Stella hit her highest month in sales to date this past week (and the month is only half over).

Or when Chris tripled her company’s revenue in 18 months.

I’m going to tell you here and now:

• Owning your business CAN be FAR more rewarding than a J.O.B. 

• The market DOES NOT dictate your success. 

• It does not matter what everyone else around you is doing.

• You can radically change your story the moment you decide to.


• You can reach success by working SMARTER and with the right strategy.

• Hustling harder is not the answer (I promise, and you’ve probably already learned this one on your own, yes?).

The way to create LIMITLESS SUCCESS is to:

• Remove your mindset dream blockers one by one.

• Surround yourself with the right people.


• Find the right tools, knowledge, and strategies to get where you want to go.

And… this is why we created Erica Powell & Co. so we could provide all of this for you: online resources to work on mindset blockers and remove them one by one, an incredible community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and all of the tools, knowledge, and strategies to help you build a limitless business.

So… if you’re tired of hustling harder for the same results, and you’re ready to find new solutions…

If you’re ready to re-design your definition of success…

If you’re ready to remove the dream blockers and limits that you’ve been living by… 

We’d love to hear from you about your business.

Carry on, entrepreneurs… Back to dream chasing & making it rain! xoxo

Would you like to break the “Your Success Has A Limit” myth in your business? Join us at our next Joie Retreat!