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Are you tired of your seemingly never-ending to-do lists?

Would you love to organize & prioritize all things life and business?

Download our printable + interactive Priority Matrix freebie below to say goodbye to endless to-do lists so that you can get your most important tasks done first!

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All of our products are services designed to support entrepreneurs within the following three industries:

Business Services

Accountants, Bookkeepers, & Financial Pros

Branding & Website Designers

Career Services

Coaches & Consultants

Conferences & Retreats


Funnel Designers & Marketers


Social Media & PR Pros

Virtual Assistants

& More

Event Services

Bakeries & Desserts

Calligraphers & Stationery

Caterers & Venues


Event Planners & Designers

Floral Designers

Lighting, Music, & Production



Tent & Rentals

Traveling Beauty Pros

& More

Lifestyle & Home Services

Health & Wellness

Home Organization & Systems

Home Services

Interior Designers

Lifestyle Coaches

Luxury Gifting

Real Estate


Spas & Salons

Travel Planning

& More

If you provide a high-value service, product or experience and you want to charge industry-leading prices, The Priority Matrix is designed to help you work smarter rather than harder!

A note from our founder, Erica Powell

After years of trial and error growing our own service business and doing “all the things,” I've learned first-hand about the challenges of growing a service business. After 15 years of owning luxury service businesses, and 7 years of coaching hundreds of service business owners, I’m happy to tell you I’ve cracked the code to exponentially expand a high-end service business, while living a life you love.

With the right strategies, mentorship, team, and priorities we've been able to take our own coaching, branding, and marketing business from multiple six figures in sales per year to a quarter of a million dollars per month in sales (and we're still scaling). More importantly than the numbers though, I've been building more freedom, space, and time into my schedule to take care of myself, my family, prioritize my health and wellness goals, and spend time with the people I love most along the way.

As a business coaching, branding design, and marketing company, my team and I have worked tirelessly with our clients to design powerful industry-leading and globally-recognized brands and infuse more profitability and freedom into their lives, as well. Over time, we've been able to pinpoint the exact steps that our clients (and we) have taken to reach our financial and lifestyle goals.

Together, the team at Erica Powell & Co. and our Spotlight Speakers have created a community for high-end service entrepreneurs that cultivates a focus on consistent progress, curated cutting-edge Masterclass Workshops, and world-class support so you can exponentially scale your success without working yourself into the ground. We created The Rich & Joyful Entrepreneur to provide exceptional support for exceptional entrepreneurs...

Because you deserve nothing but the best.