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The Visionary Club Mastermind program officially begins on Monday, January 23, 2023. In the meantime our team will make sure that you receive complimentary access to The Joie Society group as well as The Joie Society's Member Dashboard. If you have not previously been a member of The Joie Society, we recommend that you watch as many of the trainings as you'd like prior the official start of The Visionary Club on January 2023. You will have access to this program throughout the year, so please feel free to watch the trainings at your leisure.

Here are your next steps as our newest member of The Visionary Club:

Step No. 1 | Join the Groups!

Join our exclusive Members Only Facebook Group for The Joie Society and The Visionary Club. Make sure to turn on your notifications for both groups so you don't miss a thing! Please note, since The Visionary Club is a new program for 2023, we will be adding each member to the group one at a time as they are joining from now until January 23. We expect to see 5-10 new members join us for the Q1 2023 Enrollment. Feel free to post questions at any time within either of our Facebook groups. The Joie Society will be the more active group prior to our official start date of January 2023 in The Visionary Club.

Step No. 2 | Stay tuned for The Catalyst!

Watch out for an email from Sophia or Stephanie to join our complimentary 2023 workshop, The Catalyst, to have a powerful start to 2023. All Visionary Club will receive complimentary access to The Catalyst. Don't worry, we'll email you all the details!

Step No. 3 | Schedule your 1:1 with Erica

Schedule your Bonus Private Coaching call with Erica here. Want to save your coaching call for a later time? No problem, you can schedule your call at any time throughout the year, whenever you're ready.

Step No. 4 | Schedule your first 1:1 with your Dedicated Success Coach

Each month you'll have access to a private coaching call with Sophia or Stephanie. Stay tuned for an email from your Success Coach so you can schedule your first call.

Are you ready to design your rich & joyful life?

Welcome to The Visionary Club! We are so glad that you're here to build the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

We're looking forward to supporting you on your journey to Success!


Erica Powell & Co.