Have you ever had one of those “bottle the feelings” moments when you just felt like you were legit on top of the world? Like when the odds were stacked in your favor? Like you just won the lottery? Well, I’m having one of those moments, and I wanted to share it with you!

Back up though, let me preface this by saying, the moments that add up to being an entrepreneur are NOT always like this. There have been many times when I have felt completely bogged down wondering if what I am doing with my life and my business is even worth it! There have been times when I second guessed myself, times where I had to pull a 180 and change EVERYTHING, times when I felt like my world was caving in.

We’ve had hard times with our family, hurricanes, health scares, PTSD, anxiety, depression, deployments, and more. I know from the outside it looks like I don’t deal with stuff like this, but you can never judge a book by it’s cover. I mean you name it, it’s come our way. I feel like those are posts for another day, or maybe one day a book, but for now, I am having one of those butterflies in my soul happy moments, so let’s focus on that! I just didn’t want you to think my life was ALL sunshine and rainbows ALL the time (don’t we all wish it was)!

I am sitting here living in my dream house, married to my dream husband, with the little girl I always dreamed of, a supportive family, two crazy but adorable dogs, a dream car in the garage, living in a beautiful community of amazing people, and clubhouse and amenities like you would not believe. I have a team within my business that is comprised of the most beautiful and amazing people that totally get me and get our big picture vision.

We have clients that we absolutely love who understand what we’re about, see our value, and invest time and energy into our work together. Our clients listen to our trainings and coaching, understand what we’re asking of them, and DO THE WORK, and they get the most incredible results! We are helping clients daily to achieve their big picture vision and dream lives. Sometimes it’s not instant, but they understand the journey and we do the steps we need to to get them where they want to go. AND THEY TAKE OFF. I couldn’t be more in love with our clients and their work!

It couldn’t get much better could it?

What I had to go through to get here, though… If I told you everything I went to in order to get to this place all at once you probably just throw up, cry, and wouldn’t believe it could all happen to one person.

So let’s just focus on the business part for this post. I want to provide something you can take away from all of this… I want to share what I had to do to get to this place in real terms and from an energetic decision making perspective:

1. Created Strong Core Offers

I had to examine my services and products and my audience and completely throw away what didn’t serve me and my clients… Whenever I feel my offers are out of alignment, I look again carefully. 


2. Invested in Company Assets & Our Team

I invested… in all of the right things: in my branding, my website, my services, my team, and my offerings. I invested carefully and strategically, but I invested big, EVERY time I needed it. Without fail.


3. Invested in Mentorship

I realized I didn’t know everything I needed to know in order to get where I had to go. I hired coaches, advisors, team members, and took classes in everything I wasn’t excelling in that I needed to in order to succeed. (Yes, I’ve had coaches. YES coaches have coaches! The best of us truly understand the value in investing in our own success!)


4. Created Brand Visuals

I got my hair and makeup done and felt entirely awkward having Manolo Doreste yell “action!” at me to get me to laugh while he took the best photos of me I’ve ever had (shameless plug for Manolo). And really, he’ll probably have to take pictures 100x more because we always need new ones, don’t we?

I got also over my fear of the camera and created some amazing brand films with Kenneth Cooper Films to share what we do as a business. 


5. Built Self-Belief & Trust

I did what it took to believe in myself. I found solutions for the challenges I was facing. EVERY TIME they came up. I properly motivated myself when needed.

I trusted the universe and the calling I felt in my soul… and I have never given up on my vision to succeed and make an impact. No matter how hard it is, or no matter what I’m facing, even at my deepest darkest moments… I find the flame and fuel it… until it works.


6. Hustled (Strategically)

I did THE WORK so that I could get where I needed to go, even when I didn’t feel like it. I do my very best to honor my commitments no matter how big or small in any way I can.


7. Took Responsibility

I never blamed anyone but myself when things didn’t work out. I went back to the drawing board and took another go when needed. I was resourceful and found the money I needed to make things happen when I didn’t have it.


It hasn’t always been an easy journey. I didn’t always have my “dream life” and sometimes I still have bad days… but I always invest in making the changes I need to whenever possible, in any way I can.

So, if you’re out there wondering things like:

When the HECK is it all going to come together for me?


Why is running a business so hard?

Trust me I have been there.

I was there last Friday when I felt the world was caving in again, BUT…

I kept chugging along doing what I knew I had to be done to make it happen.

Slowly but surely I got back to being on top of the world again. I wish I could stay in this moment, but I know there are more challenges to face, and I’m ready when they come our way.

When you take a moment and zoom out and look at where you are compared to last year… hopefully you’re in a better position.

Hopefully you’re learning the lessons you’re needing to, leveraging your knowledge, and making changes.

Hopefully you’re growing when you need to grow.

Hopefully you’re recognizing when you need work and you’ve found someone who can help you get there.

Hopefully you’re investing yourself and believing you can accomplish what you need to.

And listen… if you’re not, getting where you’d like (or even as quickly as you’d like)… If you’re not sure quite what to do next to get you where you need to go, we’d love to hear from you and help you reach your business goals. We’d love to see you there.

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Photography | Manolo Doreste
Makeup | Deborah Concepcion